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Soul Bites #14 | The changing world of casting talent

We head to New York for this episode of Soul Bites where we chat with Angela Leigh, VP Talent Producer, Lululemon Studio, before ‘Mirror’ rebranded to Lululemon Studio.

Specifically, we discuss what changed over the pandemic and how Lululemon is responding to meet the new consumer needs from a content and talent perspective. We also share the nuts and bolts of selecting and coaching talent for a broadening audience.

4.33 - Is Lululemon Studio purely a virtual space – or physical too?

6.19 - Can you tell us more about what’s informing your current strategy? Why are you going agnostic with content?

9.00 - How did the pandemic change things from a talent perspective?

11.47 - How does your approach to talent around DEIB go and what trends are you seeing in the health space?

15.23 - What plans have you got in the future to build on Ambassador-wise?

17.50 - What do you look for when casting people?

21.05 - Tell us a little bit about what you see in the future.

22.34 - What sets your soul on fire?



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