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Soul Bites #13 | A US startup putting healthcare back in the hands of the American people

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We go behind the scenes with Guy Benjamin, Co-CEO at Healthee to unpack their exciting answers for one of the main topics of today - the delivery of healthcare.

70% of US employees have no idea what healthcare benefits they're covered for, being born and raised in a country with free healthcare, Guy saw there needed to be more control and transparency and so created Healthee to help towards solving this.

The start-up is a new healthcare operating system for employees that is simple, predictive and saves money.

In this episode, we peel back the curtain of Healthee to understand how they went from a standing start to a successful, passionate team of 40 in 2 years during a pandemic.

0.41 - How did Heathee come to be and why do you exist?

3.48 - How are you using data within your system to create a new offering within the US healthcare space?

6.44 - What are your current clients seeing as a result of the work done by Healthee?

10.11 - What is your focus over the next 1 to 2 years?

13.20 - Are you looking to make Healthee a global solution or is it specific to US needs?

14.22 - Does Healthee draw any parallels with someone like Apple in trying to put health back in our own hands?

15.14 - What have you learned from assembling a team at such a rapid pace?

18.08 - What are some of the things you are putting in place to build the culture at Heathee?

20.07 - How are you managing the hybrid work model with a team across two countries?

21.46 - What would you say is your team's superpower?

22.48 - What sets your soul on fire?



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