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Soul Bites #11 | Josh Cole: Managing a Company Rebrand & 2022 Marketing Trends

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

This month, we have the pleasure of welcoming Josh Cole to the Good Soul Hunting podcast. Josh is the CMO for Title Boxing and has recently transitioned from the entertainment to the fitness industry.

In this episode we discuss mindfully building a personal brand in a new sector, taking on a company rebrand, and key marketing trends we're seeing in 2022.

We hope you find Josh's story and his insights as fascinating as we have. We'd be interested to hear what marketing trends you predict for the rest of the year.

0.31 - What sparked your interest in switching to the fitness industry?

1.39 - How has your first year been? What are some of your thoughts and observations?

2.56 - How are you mindfully bringing your personal brand from entertainment to fitness?

5.42 - Tell us about TITLE Boxing being acquired by Box Union?

8.04 - How's the rebrand going? Do you have any tips for marketers embarking on a similar journey?

12.07 - How do you keep your franchisees on board, engaged and informed?

15.32 - How did you choose your agency?

17.40 - How do you make sure you maintain the level of service you need from your agency?

19.30 - How do you keep your franchisees and employees up to speed with the refresh?

20.32 -- What do you see as the main marketing trends for 2022 and are they still linked to the pandemic?

24.26 - What sets your soul on fire?



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