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What our clients say...


           I was delighted to partner with Good Soul Hunting on an executive-level search within the marketing team. This was a business-critical role with the added difficulty of being based in our HQ location. Good Soul Hunting took on the challenge and quickly delivered a wide variety of highly qualified candidates. The team was really easy to work with - they were communicative, organized, responsive to feedback and persistent. Most importantly, they truly understood our business, the industry, and the nuances of the profile we were looking for. Thanks to Good Soul Hunting we found an amazing candidate. I highly recommend working with Lucy and the Good Soul Hunting team.

Kelly Lohr, Chief Marketing Officer

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           Good Soul Hunting has not only helped us fill critical roles, but also build our HQ team in Miami with the right talent for Barry’s. Lucy and Matt are great partners and are precise at sourcing a balance of skill and cultural fit, which is so important to our organization. This team is organized, asks the right questions, and above all show up with incredible determination and professionalism. Their work is consistent and never disappoints!

Evie Fernandez, SVP People & Culture


           Good Soul Hunting has been an incredible partner to Brightside in hiring for a couple of critical roles in marketing. They've been able to represent Brightside's culture and apply a critical eye to hiring top talent for our team. They are organized, thoughtful, and persistent in their approach and far exceeded our expectations. 

Kat Noren, SVP People & Culture

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           We at [solidcore] had a GREAT experience with Good Soul Hunting! Every step along the way felt personalized, thoughtful and most of all - fun! They had a way of quickly understanding our business and our needs for the Director of Studios roles. Our location had been a BIG challenge for me previously in filling this role and somehow they found me a slate of local, talented people to meet with. Even the people we didn't move forward with were interesting and helpful in understanding what we needed. This team is excellent at communication and quick delivery.  Above all they add a caring, personal touch to the employer and candidate's experience. We are SO lucky to have the candidate of our dreams - thank you GSH!

Sarah Kiernan, VP People & Talent

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           Good Soul Hunting has helped us build the company from the early days and is an amazing resource as we scale up. Not only finding the right talent but also really understanding our hiring needs, our process and what we need to do to attract the best people in the market. Your people are your most important asset and with Good Soul Hunting we were able to live up to our expectations.

Guy Benjamin, Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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