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Soul Bites #12 | What are investors looking for before making an investment in the current market

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

For this episode of Soul Bites, we're delighted to be speaking with Jon Canarick, Managing Partner NorthCastle Partners.

In this episode, we get the inside knowledge from Jon as he shares what investors are truly looking for before making an investment into businesses within the health, wellness, and active living sector

Let us know if there are any other questions this conversation sparks around investment opportunities and we look forward to having you back for the next episode.

0.35 - What investors look for before making an investment in the current market

3.38 - Let's discuss two different pressures: Barry's predominantly brick-and-mortar studios being shut down over covid and Echelon Fitness presumably in hyper-growth during the same period

11.18 - How many pitch decks would you review each quarter?

12.42 - What is the sweet spot for you, when do you love to get involved in a business?

13.54 - What do you specifically look for as an investor?

17.21 - On a recent investment panel in LA, you quipped that too much money was out there. Give us the context of that conversation and why you responded as such?

23.56 - What sets your soul on fire?



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