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Soul Bites #10 | Marisa Lam: Welcome to working in the Metaverse

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Our latest Soul Bites podcast episode is in collaboration with Marisa Lam, Head of Marketing and Communications at OliveX, where we're talking about the ever-evolving topic of the Metaverse.

Marisa joins us from Hong Kong and brings her experience to the conversation as she's really at the forefront of seeing how things are developing between the working world and the Metaverse.

We break down and simplify the buzzwords to describe what the Metaverse is, what's meant by Web3 and how best to guide businesses thinking of getting into this new arena.

Enjoy this episode as we delve into the latest technological development that will change the way businesses structure communication and engagement with their customers.

1:40 - What's your journey been with the metaverse so far and what have you learned?

7.12 - How do you go about educating and leading uncertain potential clients into the Metaverse?

12.20 - What advice would you give businesses and marketers looking to represent themselves in the Metaverse?

17.10 - What set's your soul on fire?



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