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The next dimension, show me in – Part 5

How the fit-tech, health-tech, and well-tech sectors are taking company culture to another dimension, and why you’ll want to be shown in the door.

Our series of six articles, looking at progressive, future-forward brands that are taking their company cultures to a whole new dimension, continues with another trailblazer. In this, Part 5, we look at Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic

We all know that a lack of diversity in the workplace is something that needs to be addressed. Setting the benchmark is Maven clinic, the pioneering healthcare platform providing critical support across fertility, pregnancy, adoption, parenting, and pediatrics. Maven believes progress comes from transparency, hard work, and accountability, and, therefore, openly publishes its diversity statistics on its website.

Where Maven also strikes the right chord is in its “intentional” approach to company perks and being transparent in its decision-making process to ensure its benefits are fair and equitable to all.

If you worked for Maven, you’d be able to enjoy unlimited paid time off (say whaaat?!), 14 weeks fully paid parental leave and return-to-work plan, market-based compensation and equity, medical, dental, and vision plans (100% covered options), free membership with One Medical, free access to Maven, with credits for friends and family, a 401k retirement plan, and a paid month-long sabbatical after 5 years.

Better still, Maven recognizes the importance of helping employees be their best. It provides meaningful opportunities for continuous learning and growth and brings “life to work” (see the deliberate reverse) in the following ways:

  • Mission-first mentality, with a focus on delivering great healthcare

  • Emphasis on feedback, including biannual engagement surveys

  • Team recognition, celebrating wins, and collaboration

  • Team events including performances, meditations, game nights, and more

  • Weekly stipend for a free lunch

  • Open Q&A panels with our executive team

Changing women’s and family healthcare is at the core of everything Maven does, and it’s how they show up for each other every day – connecting through culture (just pause for a minute on that last line and take it in). That’s why 92% of employees say it’s a great place to work, compared to the 59% U.S. national average, with some of the main words to describe the ‘Maven experience’ being people, team, and mission.

Hats off Maven, you’ve got this culture thing sussed!



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