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The next dimension, show me in – Part 2

How the fit-tech, health-tech, and well-tech sectors are taking company culture to another dimension, and why you’ll want to be shown in the door.

Our series of six articles, looking at progressive, future-forward brands that are taking their company cultures to a whole new dimension, continues with another trailblazer. In this, Part 2, we look at innovative fitness app Fiit.


How do you take company culture to the next dimension? You create a ‘Culture Book’ – that’s how!

Fiit, the #1 fitness app, didn’t just want to create any old employee handbook – oh no! It wanted to create the ULTIMATE employee handbook which it coined the ‘Culture Book.’

Walking employees through the company’s history, values, culture, and ethos – so they can better understand Fiit’s journey to making fitness a habit for everybody – it’s a super-useful guide they can return to time and again to keep themselves on track and the company accountable. Very much an evolving document, employees are encouraged to add scribbles and ideas all over it, contributing to future volumes and the success of Fitt. Any collaborative, inclusive act like this gets a big tick in the culture box from us!

Before downloading the ‘Culture Book,’ you’re hit with the question, ‘Want to make a difference?’ At Good Soul Hunting, we live for making a difference – helping accelerate the efforts of purpose-driven companies by matching them with good souls who share their passion and who have the skillset to explosively grow their impact – so we were hooked straight away.

A brief yet powerful statement outlining Fitt’s intentions and reason for existence then follows:

“We want to make fitness a habit for everybody. It’s our mission. And it guides everything we do. It means we’re really big on inclusivity and acceptance. It means we’re incredibly passionate and we genuinely want to make a difference. And it means we’re all about teamwork.”

Inside the ‘Culture Book,’ these points are thoroughly hammered home and are embodied within the company’s four values that share the characteristics of the world’s greatest sports teams.

  1. Be A Leader (USA Women’s Soccer Team)

  2. Always Improving (Mercedes F1 Team)

  3. Grit To Deliver (Steve Redgrave)

  4. Team > Individual (South African Springboks)

Rave reviews from employees also help to paint an idyllic picture of Fiit’s company culture:

“Due to the supportive and collaborative culture at Fiit, the fast pace feels exciting – rather than daunting. There is a real sense of enthusiasm and passion across the whole company which is infectious.” – Kerry McClelland, Finance Director

“There is so much going on across the company you can’t help but wake up each day with passion & energy. Fiit has put a spark back in my life that I didn’t realize I had lost.” – Corrine Naomi, In-House Trainer

“The best thing is that we’re all working on an ever-improving product that people love, with a group of people who are passionate about making it better in the right way.” – Craig Taub, Software Engineer

As for the company perks, Fiit doesn’t disappoint there either, with bonuses, share options, pension, health, and dental care, free eye tests and flu jabs, cycle to work scheme, community days, wellbeing budget (£150 quarterly), Hobby Budget (£200 yearly), work from home budget (£350), and development budget (£1,000).

Last but not least, we LOVE the fact that Fiit’s ‘Culture Book’ has a whole section on ‘How We Work’ versus ‘How We Play’. It provides another great insight into the company’s culture and how it makes work both fun and meaningful to keep staff engaged and delivering their best.

Fiit, our friends, you’re ahead of the game!

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