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Enter, Stage, Right Pt.3 - Series A and B funding rounds

Unpacking company investment stages to help find your fit.

Part Three (of seven)

In the third of our series of seven articles – in which we unpack the different stages of growing a business – we delve into the early start-ups. Namely, those who are looking at Series A and B funding rounds.

Series A (The “Classic” Start-up)

Flash overview: Series A and Series B rounds are funding rounds for earlier stage companies and range on average between $1M–$30M. (approx. £700K–£21.3M)

Who’s it for? Action seekers.

What to expect: With the concept proven, at least from an onlooker’s perspective – business appears to be relatively organized and focused in the second stage of start-up life. Inside, however, it’s a hypercoaster of activity – shaping, reshaping, and refining the team, product, and business model/strategy. Thankfully, the ups, downs, twists, and turns are all part of the fun and derailings are rare. So, strap in and enjoy the ride!

About you… You’re a difference-maker who likes to see the b-line from your inputs to what is produced. You have a front-row seat to the impact you are having and often on a daily basis. Rather than being a cog in a wheel, you are the wheel; multi-tasking, working late, and never stopping until the job is complete or your Mac is repossessed - whichever comes first.

How you take your coffee: On the hour and the coffee train keeps delivering, and late into the night.

In a quote: “Make each day your masterpiece” – John Wooden, Former American Basketball Player and Coach

Thrillseeker examples! Ergatta ($30M), Motosumo ($5M), JAXJOX (£7.7M / About $10.9M), PlayerData($2.3M)

Series B (The Well-established Start-up)

Who’s it for? The seasoned specialist.

What to expect: With a user base and proven business model in place, it’s all about scale. The free flow of cash and investment means the company can finally splash out on free snack bars, competition-ready foosball tables, and company days out.

About you… Desperately seeking a more human, less corporate workplace where your voice is heard, your opinion counts, your impact is visible, and your authority is clear.

How you take your coffee: Off the tray! It's all about the coffee rounds, made in turns by your pally team.

In a quote: “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

Accelerating examples! Zwift ($450M), Fiture ($300M), Freeletics ($25M), Future ($24M), Grover (€60M / about $73M), Territory Foods ($22M)

Look out for the Part 4 in this series, when we look at businesses which go all the way to Series C and beyond (the hyper-growth companies evolving and scaling).

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