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The next dimension, show me in - Part 1

How the fit-tech, health-tech, and well-tech sectors are taking company culture to another dimension, and why you’ll want to be shown in the door.

“The next dimension, show me in,” bellows Anthony Kiedis on the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ track, Feasting On The Flowers. It’s one of the Chili’s lesser-known songs but offers the perfect line for the movement taking place across the fit-tech, health-tech, and well-tech sphere.

Within this trio of exciting, booming sectors, an increasing number of progressive, future-forward brands are taking their company cultures to a whole new dimension… and you’ll want to be shown in!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at some of these cultural trailblazers and discover the types of amazing environments – and perks – you could be experiencing, if you made the switch to one of these pioneering industries.

First up, the at-home fitness brand making waves….


Peloton is the powerhouse of interactive, connected home fitness that is seemingly making its play for a slice of the commercial sector, following its recent purchase of Precor for a mighty $420 million! It also recently launched a new Corporate Wellness platform, tapping into another lucrative market. From the outside, it looks like one of those companies you want to work for – similar to a Google, Coca-Cola, or Disney. It’s got that vibe. But is what we see on the outside reflected on the inside?

According to Comparably, across the 18 core culture metrics, Peloton is rated an A+ by the 215 employees that have left culture ratings. Females rate the overall company culture 87/100 and males rate a wee bit higher at 88/100. Happiness, compensation, and perks & benefits rank in the top 5 ‘culture dimensions’ for Peloton, with Peloton’s happiness being in the top 5% for all similarly sized companies. As a result of these rather majestic scores, in April 2021, Peloton was awarded the honor of “Best Place to Work” in the greater New York City area.

Over at Glassdoor, Peloton has a 4.2/5* rating out of 316 reviews, 82% would recommend working there to a friend, and 92% approve of CEO, John Foley. Glassdoor suggests some of the main pros of working for Peloton are “caring about their employees’ wellbeing” and “offering a great work-life balance”. That’s something we’d all be happy to lap up.

Perhaps one of the best people for us to glean insight from is Alonzo Page, Senior Manager of Global Consumer Strategy & Insights. He is responsible for determining who Peloton’s customer is across all of its products globally while also playing a key role internally by being one of the employees spearheading its diversity efforts. Speaking to Built In NYC about why Peloton is different from the other company’s he’s worked for, Alonzo said:

“There’s a true diversity of thought and professional discipline at Peloton that creates a dynamic space to learn and create. As a team, no one is concerned if we don’t know all the answers right now. We’re committed to finding them out together, often in surprising ways we never would have thought of alone. I’m grateful that I get to work somewhere that is constantly striving to create a community where employees can bring their full, authentic selves to work.”

Employee reviews posted on Glassdoor tell an equally positive story:

“Just about everything you want in a company. Interesting projects, ability to make your mark, diversity, unlimited PTO and paid days to volunteer, equity.” – Senior Product Manager, New York

“John Foley (current CEO at the time of writing) has made it a goal to make Peloton the greatest place to work. He has already made steps to achieve this with our New York HQ winning #2 for the year of 2020. And taking into account everything that has happened that year, it was good to see positive action taking place here. Within that same year Peloton increased the wage of its lowest Tier employees by $3 and gave $1000 Christmas bonuses out to them as well.” – Team Lead in Franklin Park, Illinois

“Great hours, great people, great work culture, great life balance, they respect their employees!” - Brand Ambassador, London

If it’s perks you’re looking for, that’s another department where Peloton will take some beating, offering a flexible work schedule, educational assistants, team lunches, a kitchen full of healthy snacks (if you’re office-based), unlimited cycling classes, Peloton discounts, a comprehensive benefits package (top-quality health care, commuter benefits, maternity/paternity support, a 401k program, etc.), competitive salaries, company parties, dedicated DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) staff, a diversity program, an onsite gym, and more... Pass us the air!

What’s even more impressive is that Peloton has recently extended its medicinal benefits offering to portions of its part-time populations at a certain threshold of hours, which is unheard of in the US and will definitely contribute to a great company culture!

Unsurprisingly, Peloton’s values match up perfectly with everything we’ve uncovered, providing yet more evidence of the type of business and culture it's trying to create – with the last two being particularly pertinent.

  1. Put members first

  2. Operate with a bias for action

  3. Empower teams of smart creatives

  4. Together we go far

Altogether, Peloton’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, embracing of employee individuality, focus on teamwork, and no-limits approach to creativity, seem to be fostering a culture of energy, support, and innovation. A beautiful mix that makes you wanna say, “When can I start?!”

Two words for you, Peloton – Smashing it!



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