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Patricia Pelton_edited.jpg

Patricia Pelton
President, World YMCA

It takes a village.

As head of the oldest and one of the largest youth organizations in the world, Pelton oversees nearly 90,000 members of staff, an army of more than 920,000 volunteers in 12,000 individual branches worldwide. Each year, more than 60 million people around the globe sign up and take part in YMCA activities across 120 countries.  Only a leader of magnitude and huge vision can pull those kinds of numbers off and it's clear that her strong belief – and commitment – to community building and youth empowerment is her driving force.

Peggy Vo.png

Peggy Vo
Director of Global Marketing, Freemotion from iFIT

Queen of transformation. 

A global marketing leader, whose energy, tenacity and commitment to innovation has earned Peggy a renowned reputation worldwide. Her hard work has resulted in the growth and success of major global fitness organizations, through effective strategic marketing and brand expansion. Peggy has 20+ years leading global programs including territory launches and scale-ups, first to market strategies, integrated marketing campaigns, and enhanced customer experiences. Not content with shaping and redefining the world of health and fitness, Peggy is also an avid volunteer and supporter of charities and not-for-profit organizations.

Lucy Brialey.png

Lucy Brialey
Founder, Sustainable Spa Association

Sustainable sass. 

Lucy founded the Sustainable Spa Association in 2019 with colleague Rob Cooper to help spa and wellness companies achieve clearly-defined sustainability goals. In less than two years, the organization has grown and gained huge credibility within the industry. In the process, Lucy has been appointed to a number of key roles – including the chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI) United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiative. She has turned her lifelong passion for the environment into a force for good by steering an entire industry towards adopting more eco-friendly practices.

Lindsay Cook.png

Lindsay Cook
Founder and CEO, FitOn

Ask, and you shall receive. 

Lindsay was working as a VP at FitBit, when she devised her idea for an app to deliver premium studio classes to people’s homes. Launched in late 2019, FitOn grew from zero to 6 million members in 18 months and by January had six times the number of Peloton digital members. The secret to her success? “Seek feedback and act on it,” Lindsay says. And it certainly doesn't hurt to have star-studded members such as Jessica Alba and Jenna Dewan. Way to take it to the world Lindsay.

Kevin Yates.png

Kevin Yates

HIIT me with your best shot.

At last count, Kevin has started four new businesses, taking them through different stages of growth from raising capital to scaling. Since 2016, Kevin has carved his name as the CEO of TRIBE3, a boutique operator with swagger. Marketed as a unique boutique fitness concept with community at its heart, the brand fuses an “intensive but inclusive” HIIT session with a luxe, industrial setting. TRIB3 is causing a storm in a number of European markets and China. Next up is the grand plan to go global in North America.

Liz Terry.png

Liz Terry
CEO at Leisure Media – publisher of FitTech and HCM

Media maven.

Liz has worked tirelessly in fitness publishing and journalism for nearly 40 years, witnessing the seeding of every vertical within the leisure industry. As an editor, journalist and analyst, her reporting on key trends that shape our industry and that led her to launching FitTech Global – the specialist fitness-, wellness- and health technology magazine – in 2019. Awarded an MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honors List in 2007 for services to publishing, Liz also shares her expertise as a non-exec, working and consulting for a range of businesses, trade associations and charities.

Phillip Mills.png

Phillip Mills
Executive Director, Les Mills

For a fitter planet. 

Since his UCLA days Phillip has devoted decades driving the creation of Les Mills’ fitness experiences. He oversees a business whose classes are taught by 140k+ certified instructors in 20k+ licenced clubs in 100+ countries. Les Mills also partners with UNICEF in their Workout for Water initiative, championed by daughter - Diana. Phillip’s accolades include being the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Australian Fitness Network, and is a founding trustee of Pure Advantage, a not-for-profit organization promoting a greener, wealthier future for New Zealanders.

Aurelia Nguyen_edited.jpg

Aurélia Nguyen
MD, Office of the Covax Facility

Sharing the health. 

Aurélia leads the procurement and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines for 190 participating economies through COVAX, the only global initiative working with governments and manufacturers to ensure fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines in developing countries. No surprise, then, that she was named by TIME magazine to the 2021 TIME100 Next list, honoring “the 100 individuals who are shaping the future of their fields and defining the next generation of leadership”. Like Time puts it: “It’s not an exaggeration to say that the health of the world lies in her hands”.

Rainer Schaller_edited.jpg

Rainer Schaller
Founder, RSG Group

The big cool.

Tall in stature, notoriously private in nature - Rainer hails from the entertainment industry and hence his eye for heralding in champagne taste on a beer budget. Everything he touches turns to mood lighting and DJ decks. In his 23 fitness years he has amassed a global fitness business with 41,000 employees across 1,000 locations in 48 countries. In 2020, most notably in the midst of the pandemic, he acquired in-trouble behemoth Gold’s Gym for US$100m, from a spa pool, no less.

Guy Benjamin and Benjamin Nagar.png

Guy Benjamin and Ben Nagar
Co-founders, Insurights

20/20 vision.

Guy and Ben created Insurights, an AI-powered startup on a mission to improve human health by giving people better access to their health benefits. Their digital platform provides employees with on-the-spot answers to their health benefits questions, helping them find lower cost providers and informing them about relevant preventive care benefits. In short, Insurights' mission is to help employees be healthier by making health benefits simple and accessible to everyone, everywhere. A worthy inclusion in self health management - we salute you both!

PRODUCT | Good Souls changing the game

Oleg Fomenko.png

Oleg Fomenko
Co-founder, Sweatcoin

Making bank.

Anyone who creates a digital currency that gets people more active and healthier has earnt their place on this list. With more than a million users and counting, the vision for Sweatcoin is to become the back-bone currency of the global Economy of Movement. With 40m+ registered users in 42 countries, it’s well on its way. It’s not a fad either – a peer-reviewed study (University of Warwick) showed that Sweatcoin users increased their daily step count by nearly 20% over six months. Contrast that with the average “January gym member”, who's gone by mid-February.

Ian Mullane.png

Ian Mullane
Founder of Keepme

Demystifying tech.

Mullane founded keepme with the ambition of democratizing AI tools, so fitness operators could capitalize on the predictive power of technology. He first had the idea as the fitness business owner of Vanda-fit. The keepme software provides transparency on the actions of members and enables clubs to sell, market, retain and serve member needs in a more personal and timely manner. Mullane has also put his pen where his mouth is and publishing white papers –  “The Fitness Future: Rules of Engagement” and Everything You Need to Know About “Date & AI".

Dave Wright.png

Dave Wright
Creator of Myzone

Fastest MEPS in the south.

As far as global fitness success stories go, MyZone is definitely on the leaderboard. The wearable heart rate system is motivating 7,000+ facilities in 65 countries, across 19 languages. Numbers like that requires a passionate leader – and Dave is that guy. Constantly innovating with, case in point - the unveiling earlier this year of the MZ-Switch, the world’s first interchangeable heart rate monitor that can be worn on the wrist, chest and arm. Dave also helps gyms get members through effective campaigning through his business - Creative Fitness Marketing.

Adam Gilchrist.png

Adam Gilchrist
Founder, F45

Circuit of friends.

Alongside co-founder Rob Deutsch, Adam has codified a relatively simple HIIT concept into the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world. So far, F45 Training has sold well in excess of 2,200 studio franchises across 63 countries. With Mark Walberg and David Beckham as faces of the brand and advocates of the workout it's no wonder the company IPO in July 2021, was valued at US$1.4bn – which means that the value of Gilchrist’s shares in F45 quintupled (that’s times five) to about US$371m overnight. Way to scale fitness.

Michael Schaeffer and Marcus Wilson_edited.jpg

Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer
Founders of NOBULL Shoes

What you see is what you get.

In the new age of transparency NOBULL has gained a reputation for making some of the best training shoes on the market. The ethos – a training brand for athletes who don’t believe in making excuses – comes very much from their founders, Michael and Marcus. The no-bull duo are passionate about working out, so had the perfect shoe in mind for exercising. They then created it and had the self-belief to take the concept to the market. From there, as they say, the rest is - future.                                                  

Kayla Itsines_edited.jpg

Kayla Itsines
Co-founder, Sweat

She’s got legs.

Kayla became one of the most influential trainers in the world giving rise to the new influencer model worldwide. The secret to her success is her passion where early on, she made it her personal mission to help as many women as possible to achieve their ideal level of fitness and to feel more confident and happy. She took her business online by setting up the Sweat app in 2015 and recently sold it to iFIT for US$300m – and will stay on to lead it through the next stage.                                                                

Rebecca Egger and Dr_edited.jpg

Rebecca Egger and Dr. Helen Egger
Co-founders, Little Otter

It’s the little things. 

One in five US kids has a mental health need but half don’t receive the care they need. This was the inspiration for mother and child team - Helen a renowned child psychiatry expert, and daughter Rebecca a computer scientist - to launch startup Little Otter. The service improves access to mental health for kids and families. Little Otter provides therapy, parenting support, education, and medication management for children with a range of conditions, from anxiety and ADHD to depression and behavioral issues. An elegant solution to a desperate need.

Lou Lentine.png

Lou Lentine
Founder & CEO, Echelon Fitness

Affordable Peloton. 

Lou is the classic entrepreneur. An early starter, he had built his first multi-million dollar company (Viatek Consumer Products Group) by the age of just 30. With Echelon Fitness, he has created an at-home, on-demand, connected fitness platform which now includes a range of equipment, ranging from indoor bikes, rowers and treadmills to fitness mirrors. There are many companies out there touted as “the challenger to Peloton” and the next big thing – but Lou and Echelon are one of the few actually delivering health and happiness to the at-home user.

Jim Huether_edited.jpg

Jim Huether
CEO, Hyperice

Regenerating performance. 

Hyperice is one of those innovative companies which work on pushing the boundaries of innovation. Jim’s leadership is a huge part of that, as seen with the recent acquisition of Core, a mental wellness company that invented the first meditation training device and app of its kind. It was the third acquisition in 18 months and is a crucial piece in Jim’s plan to turn Hyperice from a brand of products that help relieve tension into a holistic, high-performance wellness brand that works every aspect of physical and mental wellbeing.

Sharad Mohan.png

Sharad Mohan
Founder, Trainerize

Phoenix rising. 

Sharad has grown Trainerize from a humble consumer-focused app – originally available only for Blackberry (say what now?) – to a global platform which has the ability to digitize the member experiences for some of the world’s leading health and fitness businesses. Sharad came up with the idea for Trainerize while in rehabilitation therapy following a fire accident that resulted in third degree burns and skin grafts over a third of his body. Sharad’s combination of courage and entrepreneurial drive is nothing short of inspirational and we salute him for it.

PErPLE | Good Souls doing good things for others

Tiffany Kelly_edited.jpg

Tiffany Kelly
Founder of Curastory

Rewriting the Narrative.

As the first black woman to join ESPN’s sports analytics team and a groundbreaking career as a female in the tech world, Tiffany is one of those people we need more of. Not only did she challenge both gender and racial stereotypes – as a numbers cruncher in a traditionally male-dominated field – she is the founder of Curastory, a start-up enabling creators to shoot, edit, distribute and monetize high-quality video – 100% free. Kelly doesn't break through glass ceilings, she shines her light through them guiding us all to greatness.

Bryan Myers.png

Bryan Myers
CEO/President, Solidcore

He has a dream. 

Named the “Minority Business Leader” award winner by Washington Business Journal in 2019, Myers isn’t just CEO of the highly successful fitness brand (solidcore] – he also leads the company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion taskforce. In addition, he’s on the Board of the Ridley Scholars Foundation, whose mission is to attract the best and brightest African American students to the University of Virginia. His biggest advice to those starting out in their career? “Remember that you always have something to learn”. Amen, Bryan.

Justin Wren_edited.jpg

Justin Wren
Professional MMA Fighters/Founder of Fight for the Forgotten

Championing the fight within.

After experiencing bullying at school, Justin devoted himself to wrestling and became school state champion. His demons, however, saw his dreams of becoming a UFC star demolished in a spiral of depression and addiction. This led to a journey of discovery, during which he found the Mbuti Pygmy community in Africa. He lived among them, "the most bullied people on earth”, and earned the nickname Mbuti MangBO – "The Big Pygmy". Under his motto, Fight for the Forgotten, he has inspired millions and finally made his UFC debut in 2009.


Keith Davis
Founder & CEO, Silly Juice

Why so serious?

Fuelled by a joy-sapping pandemic Keith decided to launch a little happiness and set up the Silly Juice company because he felt that this was a time when everyone needed a little lift. “We developed and launched Silly Juice with the mission of encouraging families to take a break in their days to play, enjoy, laugh and get silly,” he says. It worked. The first batch sold out within four hours of the launch of the brand’s direct-to-consumer website and played their part in delivering joy in trying times. Cheers Keith!

Joshua Uwadiae.png

Joshua Uwadiae
CEO, WeGym

Revert for good.

“When I got expelled from school at aged just 15, I didn’t see much of a future for myself except one involving violence, drugs and gangs,” Joshua, a former gang member, once revealed. Now, he is the CEO of WeGym, a website based business that connects people to vetted personal trainers. Joshua – the self-titled “Lord of the Squats” – credits a Microsoft partner apprenticeship scheme he attended with providing him with not just the skills, but the self-belief and confidence for taking the leap into becoming an entrepreneur. We the people, indeed. 

Shalabh Malhotra.png

Shalabh Malhotra

Business Operations,

Cure Fit

He’s that guy. is one of India’s top fitness/wellbeing startups, striving to keep people healthy through a range of holistic offerings – from fitness and yoga to healthy meals, mental wellbeing and primary care. And Shalabh embodies the passion of the brand. His infectious smile is accompanied with a “can do” attitude. He happily led the launch of's ambitious digital offering in the US in May 2020 – at the height of the pandemic. His combination of serious smarts and big EQ makes him the nicest and smartest tool in the shed.

Aaron Rogers_edited.jpg

Aaron Rodgers
NFL QB People Leader 2x NFL MVP

Host with the most.

As investor, QB legend, and Guest Jeopardy Host, Aaron Rodgers heads into his 16th season with the Green Bay Packers, it's clear that it's all about the people. At this point in his career he's focused on heralding in great players, but even better people to reap the benefits of team culture. The frozen tundra is a far cry from Aaron's origin - the sunshine state of California, but the reigning MVP is set on taking the city of Green Bay and his legacy all the way to the Superbowl.                                       

allyson felix_edited.jpg

Allyson Felix
Olympic athlete, entrepreneur

If the shoe doesn’t fit. 

Allyson is ​​the greatest runner in women's track history, with most medals (11) by an Olympic track and field athlete. She used her podium to take on multi-billion dollar corporation (Nike), after it proposed cutting her sponsorship deal due to her wanting to become a mother. She spoke out and showed that being pregnant shouldn’t mean women should have to accept endorsement and earning restrictions. Then, after surviving her own pregnancy health scare, Allyson testified to Congress about inequalities and child mortality rates in the Black community.

Marcus Rashford.png

Marcus Rashford
Manchester United & England footballer

Goals for good. 

The Manchester United player isn’t just a superstar on the pitch but he delivers genuine change within the UK’s political corridors of power. In 2020, he led a high-profile campaign resulting in the UK government forcing a U-turn and announcing that 1.3 million children in England would receive free school meal vouchers during the summer holidays. Later that year, he received an MBE for services to vulnerable children in the UK during COVID-19. Who says sport can’t achieve what politics does. Baller effort Marcus. Keep it up, son.

Krissy Cela.png

Krissy Cela
Co-founder, Tone & Sculpt

Influencing for good. 

Fit-tech entrepreneur and best-selling wellness author with a loyal social media following of 2m+. She’s also co-founder and CEO of Tone and Sculpt, a global fitness app for women with a community of over 100k women. She credits her turnaround from someone who was “terrified of the gym” into a fitness influencer and exercise guru on her ability to “turn every exercise rule on its head” while creating the workouts for Tone and Sculpt. Oh, and she’s only 25 years old. What have the rest of us been doing?

PURPfSE | Good Souls solving big issues

Kate Ryder_edited.jpg

Kate Ryder
Founder, Maven Clinic

For women, by women. 

Ryder launched Maven in 2014 based on the fact that 80% of household health decisions are made by women and yet most health companies and their solutions are created by men. In righting the scales she has developed Maven and its services into the largest women’s and family tele-health network. And she can call on some pretty cool company from high places – the company has raised more than US$87m in funding from fierce female investors and activists in women's rights like Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman and Mindy Kaling.

Elizabeth Clark.png

Elizabeth Clark
President & CEO, IHRSA

Queen of advocacy.

Clark is IHRSA’s first female leader and joined the association (June 2021) at a difficult time, as the organization grapples with the pandemic, an evolving business model as the onslaught of connected and at-home fitness solutions rise up, and the fitness industry’s challenge getting exercise on the political agenda as an essential service. Her background is fascinating having led advocacy efforts at the National Confectioners Association (NCA) to successfully lobby the US administration to have confection manufacturing deemed "essential" during the pandemic. Fitness can certainly do with that sweet-talking.

Will Ahmed.png

Will Ahmed
Co-founder & CEO, Whoop

Unlocking sleep, strain and self management. 

Ahmed says he became an entrepreneur before he even knew what an entrepreneur was. He launched Whoop – focusing on human performance through analytics and data – with some Harvard college buddies in 2012. The start-up recently raised US$200m in a Series F funding round, resulting in the tech start-up being valued at US$3.6bn. HIs recent “Unlocked” event is lighting the way for biometric health advancement sharing the many voices underpinning the success of the brand from scientists to some of the greatest elite athletes on the planet.

Laurie McCartney.png

Laurie McCartney
President of Global Fitness and Wellness Solutions, Ascend Learning

The oracle.

Where does Laurie find the time to do it all? At Ascend, she runs a fast growing division that includes the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) and Premier Global in the UK. She’s also a member of the IHRSA (The Global Health and Fitness Association) Industry Partner Advisory Council and in 2021 was invited to join the Forbes Business Council – THE networking organization. As one of the great minds guiding us toward the new, new world we thank you for your service.

Scott R_edited.jpg

Scott R. Watterson
Founder, Chair & CEO, iFIT Health & Fitness

Old school magic. 

Earlier this year, Scott oversaw the rebranding of fitness equipment behemoth Icon Health & Fitness to iFIT Health & Fitness – placing the digital iFIT platform central to operations. It shows how having an experienced, long-time leader at the helm doesn’t mean stagnation. After all, Scott founded iFIT’s predecessor company, Weslo, in 1977 and can draw from more than 40 years’ experience and that it's more about mindset, following the data and unleashing the vision of the company to step into new opportunities in our ever changing business of fitness.

John Foley.png

John Foley

Co-founder & CEO, Peloton

The yellow jersey of change.

Everyone knows what Peloton is and how successful it has become – and John is at the heart of it. He makes decisions that work. He proved that a cultish community could be created through connected fitness, that fitness leaders could become superstars and the power of partnerships - cue: Beyonce. Furthermore, when the increased demand for Peloton products led to challenges with a supply chain, John acquired commercial fitness giant, Precor for US$420m. A move few saw coming and in doing so, Foley also guaranteed instant access to the commercial market. 

Dr Nick Taylor, Nick Tong, Ry Morgan & Steve Peralta.png

Dr Nick Taylor, Nick Tong, Ry Morgan & Steve Peralta

The team behind Unmind

The power of un.

As lead clinical psychologist in the UK’s NHS, Dr Nick Taylor wanted to tackle absenteeism and staff turnover. He realized that combining clinical science with corporate wellness was key to nurturing health in a way that could reach the masses in a meaningful and meet them where they were. Teaming up with Morgan, a serial startup founder; Tong, an entrepreneurial technologist; and Peralta, a corporate wellbeing practitioner, he created Unmind, a platform that today helps organizations around the world help people reach their potential in a sustainable way.                        

Katelin Sisson and Heather Lilleston.png

Katelin Sisson and Heather Lilleston 

Team behind Yoga for Bad People

Don't judge me.

You can have your yoga and eat it too. Rather than choosing one world over another Katelin and Heather have decided to create a new yoga practice that blends the best of traditional yoga with the natural diversions of a young carefree life. Their retreat embraces serious spirituality, mindfulness and hardcore yoga with some fun rule breaking and element of unconventionality and eccentricity. They have definitely hit on something – YFBP has an ever-growing following and in a world where we are asking for more spice we love what they are doing.

Sara Hodson.png

Sara Hodson

CEO of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic and President of Fitness Industry Canada

Triple sweat. 

Advocate, advisor and entrepreneur. When the Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) voted Hodson, a medical exercise expert, as its new president, it was a bold statement on the link between exercise and overall health. Medical fitness is the new black and Hodson is the federal lead in a lobbying campaign to make gym memberships tax deductible – and the FIC intends on making this a political issue. Sara is a bridge between the two industries and carried the message through the pandemic often appearing in media as well as expanding her Fitwell concepts.

Janja Garnbret.png

Janja Garnbret 

Sport and rock climber

Reaching for new heights.

Some climb career ladders, Janja scales impossibly hard walls and boulders (bouldering) – and does it incredibly quickly. Slovenian-born Janja started winning the big leagues at 16 years old and now, aged just 22, she’s already a six-time World Champion and Olympic Champion, making her one of the leading female athletes in the world. Already considered the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) by many in the sport, she is an inspiration for young girls wanting to commit to something they rock at and to follow their dreams. Ocean’s 14 callup?

PASSIfN | Good Souls inspiring us all

Andy Hall.png

Andy Hall

Head of Group Operations, OliveX

Making hybrid happen.  

Andy is the bridge between online and real life. A well known face within the health and fitness sector and currently heading up the operation for OliveX’s tech brand Volution, Andy is the master at enabling global brands such Anytime Fitness, Gold’s Gym and Les Mills to fully utilize the data they have at their fingertips to drive commercial success. Andy works with forward-thinking and trailblazing operators to use data to drive business success by recognizing new revenue streams, enhancing member experience and engagement, lifetime value and retention.

Aubrey Marcus.png

Aubrey Marcus

Founder, Onnit

Totally badass.

Aubrey’s lifestyle brand is based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. The brand offers 250+ products – ranging from peak performance supplements to foods – and has become an Inc. 500 company. Inspired by his lifelong experience as a multisport athlete — as well as his background in ancient philosophy — his goal was to create a company that empowered customers to achieve their fullest human potential. Aubrey hosts The Aubrey Marcus Podcast, discussing athletics, business, science, and philosophy with over 10M downloads.

Ben Francis_edited.jpg

Ben Francis

Founder & CEO, Gymshark

Classic rags to riches. 

Ben worked for Pizza Hut as a delivery guy – earning £5 an hour – when, aged 19, he launched Gymshark in his parents' garage in 2012. Six months after launching Gymshark, he ditched the pizza job. In August 2020, Gymshark sold a 21 percent stake to US private equity firm General Atlantic in a deal worth more than £1bn. Ben’s personal net worth in 2021 was estimated (by the Sunday Times Rich List) to be £700m. Not bad, considering eight years earlier he was hand-sewing and hand-packaging products to ship. P.S.congrats on your recent wedding!

Preston Lewis.png

Preston Lewis

Co-founder Black Box VR

Putting new optics on what’s possible. 

Becoming an entrepreneur at 13 and building a seven-figure creative agency from it, Lewis, combined with his love for innovative tech saw him launch Black Box VR - the world’s first virtual reality gym. Leading the pack he widened the portal for the onslaught of  realities that are coming now. “Game designers have figured out how to keep people unhealthily addicted to games,” Preston says. “If only you could be the hero in a game that levelled up your life”. We think you might be the man for the job, Preston.

Payal Kadakia.png

Payal Kadakia

Founder & executive chair, Classpass

Club in the sky.

Kadakia’s entrepreneurial story is like a movie. She started ClassPass in 2011 out of her love for dance, which she has been doing since the age of 3. It was a genuine passion too – prior to founding ClassPass, Payal worked at Warner Music Group’s Digital Strategy and Business Development Group. By 2015, Classpass was valued at more than US$200m and had entered a number of other countries. It became a unicorn in 2020, after securing US$285m in a Series E funding round and has continued to take the world by storm unlocking one country after another. 

Justin Ghadery.png

Justin Ghadery

COO, Title Boxing Club & BoxUnion

No-one gets left behind.

The franchise and fitness industry expert joined the World’s Largest Fitness Boxing Brand in 2021 at an exciting time, as BoxUnion Holdings had recently acquired the 163-unit franchisor TITLE. Since then, Justin has ignited the company’s commitment to innovation, streamlined systems and processes and positioned the business for long-term growth. People and strong relationships are central to Ghadery’s leadership and by driving consistency across the franchisee system, he has rolled out a franchisee-centric service model. And he shares a lot of love volunteering with veterans.

Joe Wicks.png

Joe Wicks

“The Body Coach”, face of pandemic fitness for children

Giving PE a good name.

When the pandemic lockdowns first hit and schools were closed in the UK, fitness instructor Joe Wicks, known as The Body Coach, started a daily exercise class for kids on YouTube called "PE With Joe." The idea was to help children stay active during the lockdown. And what a response he got. Everyone loved him – from dads, mums, teachers, children to grandparents and even pets. More than 100 million views later, Joe donated every single penny of the money made by the PE sessions to the NHS (National Health Service). What a guy.

Emma Radacanu_edited.jpg

Emma Raducanu

Grand Slam tennis champion

Love all.

We were all enamored by Emma’s reaction to her unexpected victory at Flushing Meadows: “Oh my god, I just won the US Open!”. Plenty has been written about how, as an 18-year-old qualifier, she defied all odds to land her first Grand Slam title. But it was her authentic, unassuming reaction to the fairytale victory that won her the hearts of millions. “The first thing I’m doing is have a chocolate frozen yoghurt” she quipped, when asked how she will celebrate. Emma, you’re a star with a bright future (and sponsorships) ahead.

Tom Brady_edited.jpg

Tom Brady

NFL Legend

Longevity wizard.

The 2021-22 season will be Tom Brady’s 22nd NFL season and his 21st as a starting quarterback. That means he started his career before some NFL players were even born. A testament to longevity, he isn’t just making up the numbers either – during his career he has appeared in a record 10 Super Bowls, winning seven of them. We are running out of fingers for those rings. One thing is for sure – as someone who is proud of his lifestyle changes, he is proof that receiving good genes is one things but looking after them is another.

Natalia Karbasova.png

Natalia Karbasova

Founder, FitTech Summit and FitTech Company

Force of fit tech nature.

A former professional athlete, she’s the creator of the leading conference in Europe devoted to fitness tech and the future of wellbeing and active lifestyle. A storyteller by heart – she speaks fluent English, German and Russian and enjoys advancing the narrative of fitness. Natalia launched FitTech Summit in 2018 as part of Burda, one of Europe’s largest media companies, before securing the brand rights to it through a management buyout. She then spinned off the entity into the FitTech Company building a content platform for health- and fitness-oriented industries.

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