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A search agency with soul.

We hand-pick good souls for purpose-driven brands.


We exist to accelerate the efforts of companies here to do good in the world by matching them with talent who share their passion and who have the skill set to grow their impact explosively.

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Seeking a SFul?

Help first. Hunt second.


We partner with companies ready to put their capital to work in the opportunistic health and wellness sector.

We know that most good people are hiding in roles. We know where to find them, and we know how to ask.

Good Souls are worth their salt.

As specialists in health and wellness recruitment, we revel in taking the time you don’t have to find game-changing talent.

So, if you’re seeking world-leading executive talent or future-focused strategists and business developers, best-in-class marketing, sales and partnerships gurus, or customer-centric operations and customer success managers, you can trust us to find the one to lift your run rate.


To learn more, come over to our companies page.

Seeking a RWle?

We're seeking Good Souls.

Are you ready to change gears, switch lanes or put your foot to the floor in the exploding health and wellness sector?

We’re here to help you pursue your passion, positioning you at the sweet spot between dream and job.

Worth your weight in gold. 

With a focus on C-suite and senior specialist roles, we don’t just place you; we cultivate a career-long connection.

So, whether you’re a CMO looking to make your mark at a startup, a sales leader passionate about scaling fitness technology, or a health tech executive ready to carry the torch for a new team, we are ready to give you wings.

Come over to our jobs page to find out more.


We get to know your story so we can tell it as elegantly as you do. We intimately understand your sector, so we can talk your talk. We educate, challenge, and support you every step of the way.

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