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Perfect people placement lives at the intersection of art and science.


We hand-pick good souls for purpose-driven health and wellness companies.


We exist to accelerate the efforts of these companies to do good in the world, by matching them with good souls who share their passion and who have the skillset to explosively grow their impact.


We specialize in the fit-tech, well-tech, and personalized health sectors and focus on opportunities within marketing, sales, operations, and executive functions.

Seeking a SFul?

Help first. Hunt second.


We revel in defining and finding your high-performing team or team member – good souls who have the power to transform your workplace through positive intentions and impactful actions.


Most good people are hiding in roles. We know where to find them and we know how to ask.


To learn more, email us at hello@goodsoulhunting.com 

Seeking a RWle?

We’re seeking good souls.


Are you ready to change gears, switch lanes or put your foot to the floor in the exploding health and wellness sector?


We’re here to help you pursue your passion, positioning you at the sweet spot between dream and job.


With a focus on c-suite and senior specialist roles, we don’t just place you; we stick around to make sure it's a match made in heaven.