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Soul Bites #6 | Women in Tech

Welcome to Soul Bites! Our focus today is Women in Tech. As we approach the FitTech Summit: Digital Edition (25-28 May 2021), we are joined by two stars of the show...

Natalia Karbasova, Founder of FitTech Summit, CEO of FitTech Company, and previous creative evangelist for media billionaire, Dr. Hubert Burda, where she spearheaded global digital initiatives, hackathons, rapid prototyping labs, and pitch competitions.

Melanie Lauer, CEO for Trisport, with serious technology, marketing, and B2B prowess to bring about the incredible transformation of German Kettler Sports, as they reimagine the home fitness market through the power of taking a human design-centric approach.

Loaded with insights, do not miss this. Check it out now!


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