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Rank Your Résumé

The 5-Point Health-Check

While we do predict the eventual demise of the résumé, we know, that for now, it’s still very much part of the recruitment process. So, let’s go Jedi with it and dominate your written game, so you can achieve the simple goal of getting the interview.

If you sent your résumé out today, would it smack the world of work in the face and scream “Hire me!?” And would it reveal you as a phygital phenom; primed for the fast-changing future we face and ready to make a dent in the world?

And how would it rank against others? Would it top the stack or be buried in the pile of clichés.


5 – Résumé Rockstar!

4 – Knocking on Fame (Fine Tune)

3 – Beige… (Dial it up)

2 – A Rocky Résumé (Rebuild)

1 – Time to start over!

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